Mura 2 – Spurs 1

Well, now we see how far the rot goes. This was an utterly abject performance from the Spurs squad, possibly the worst I have witnessed and I’ve witnessed a fair few over the past few years. Mura was a low ranked team but some how Spurs managed to dig in deeper and plumb new depths and discover new motherlodes of raw shit to ensure they lost. We’ve gone through 3 managers with this squad and Conte looked as if he was just waking up into whatever version of hell he now accidentally resides in. In the press conference he kept repeating this phrase “I am not scared” He said it maybe 3 or 4 times so clearly he is fucking scared. He’s scared witless. His under crackers probably needs binning. He’s just witnessed first hand the entropic unfolding what most Spurs supporters have been absorbing for years. An utterly disgraceful squad of footballers who have just lost heart…lost hope.. lost what IQ they had.. lost the plot.. lost drive.. lost desire.. lost their virginity.. lost some fucking weight…lost everything! We need to now stop looking at the managers as the sources of woe and finally look inward to the common denominators. The players! There are 7 players that need to be shipped out immediately, or contracts terminated, whatever, just not allowed back anywhere near the stadium or training grounds.

  1. Sanchez
  2. Winks
  3. Davies
  4. Dier
  5. Dele
  6. Kane
  7. Ndombele

Each one of the above is culpable for all sorts of problems, individually, perhaps not too much a problem, however once you add them together, it’s this sort of Anti-Avengers synergy fever dream. There are two others: Sessegnon was terrible and can be argued was a big reason for the defeat however he’s young and possibly can be rehabilitated. Jack Clarke on the other hand, 3 seasons in has done and shown nothing. Should be sold on even though it will mean getting a fraction of the original price paid.
A shambles of a team though. A wretched and dismal thing to watch unfold.

posted on Nov 26, 2021


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New management at Spurs

Well, Nuno got sacked. If we look at the past 5 or 6 matches we could see there were some deep set incompatibility issues that were not fixable without something giving. The coach never really got to grips with the squad, the squad looked like they were playing trying to get him sacked, so we are where we are. I mentioned in my last post that Spurs would benefit from a 3-5-2 formation, Nuno never got around to playing this but I suspect his successor will opt for that.
There is some serious deadwood in that squad however that needs to be removed. Bergwijn is done, as is Doherty and Jack Clarke. Sessesgon is so injury prone he should be moved on also. Bryan Gil needs to go out on loan somewhere. Deli Alli and Lo Celso should be given until the summer then assessed, but my gut feeling is they are both done also and everyone would benefit from sale.
Conte is man touted as the new coach, and that would be a stark change indeed. Spurs under Nuno were the most sessile they’ve been in literal years. Conte makes his teams run, and run hard, run all day! This will mean more injuries and a lot of chop and changes required to accommodate that, the squad as it stands doesn’t seem that deep and would benefit from at least x3 new recruits also a great opportunity for some of the youngster academy players to step up and force their way into the A team.

posted on Nov 1, 2021


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