Pong in Z80

After much trial and error I got a little bit further¬† with this. It’s not easy simply because of the time intervals I am having to leave between sprints, this sort of project ideally lends itself to a daily effort and doing a bit each day, so I am having to constantly re-read what I did the previous attempt (which invariably was weeks ago)¬† this then becomes a chore and sucks the life out of wanting to continue (it’s meant to be fun right?).

Z80 is easy to understand, but it’s also incredibly easy to fuck right up, literally with a single character , or a misplaced parentheses change within the code, you can stuff the entire thing up. It’s not easy to debug either.. I am sure there is probably some neat techniques to do so, but I haven’t worked it out and frankly I don’t really have the time to either. Debugging is an art all onto itself. Anyway, I just might leave it here for the time being and move onto the next thing.



posted on Nov 11, 2018

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