Pong in Z80 #fail

I was working on this and making steady, if extremely slow, progress when I went a bit mad with the CNTL keys during some debugging in Zeus Assembler, and before I knew it, I’d pasted some guff over half my code, I tried to backtrack… then go forward… and try to piecemeal edit bits from memory, but the net result was I’d destroyed all my work. No backups either! DOH. Just a few days before I was thinking “I really should upload this into git” but nope, too late, in a moment of madness where I felt that success was near, I inadvertedly smashed it all up. Anyway, no matter, the point of all this was to learn Z80 , not make another zillionth Pong clone, so if that was my target, then I am okay with how things worked out. I know stuff now that was some esoteric mystery just a couple of months back. Stuff like the IX register, stack pointers, bit swapping, XORing, conditional jumps , integrating BASIC with ASM. All useful stuff. And also I learnt to regularly put stuff into git!! I have to say the most useful thing by far (and so useful I am now Patreon’ing the guy) was the videos on YouTube by Keith for his Chibi Akumas Amstrad CPC game. I was never an Amstrad kid, but the Z80 is near enough to the Spectrum to convert the code ,and actually I wish now I actually had an Amstrad back in 1984, it appears a far easier system to code in. Ah well, if wishes were fishes etc etc. I would strongly recommend Keith’s videos as he’s a great presenter and really makes tough Z80 related topics consumable. I have now decided to move onto a slightly tougher Z80 project and attempt a racing or perhaps flying type game. The journey continues!

posted on Dec 14, 2018

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