More adventures in coding

Since my last update I’ve fallen back in love with C++. I hadn’t really touched this language since perhaps 2011 and I was unaware that there are new versions of this C++20 released in 2020 for example which makes some changes and improvements. It was a revelation. For years I spent time playing around with Java and Python simply because C++ felt limited but actually, now I can see that Java and Python are just poor mans versions of C++. C++ is king! It always was I think, its just I lost my way for a while before opening my eyes. Anyway I am in the process of making some basic games using it alongside the Raylib libraries. Really enjoying it.

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Adventures in Coding

I had started 2 months back to get into the Code of Advent gig, until 3 days into it, I had this thought “Python just isnt good enough”. I really felt let down by the language and while its okay, it isnt great. I actually found myself thinking very fond memories of C. Anyway, after much thought I decided its time to learn a new computer language and I decided its going to be LUA, plus a spin off Nelua, (this means you also get Tic-80 and Love2d skills bundled in for free) and C. So I’ll do the Advent of Codes again (albiet a tad late!) using those and hoping to implement graphical techniques into the solutions.

posted on Feb 6, 2022


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