Slow purge of social media

I’ve decided to permanently remove all of my social media accounts. I had gotten rid of Facebook half a decade ago and never missed it, and today I purged my LinkedIn account, which is easily the most useless out of the bunch. I havent got TikTok or any of the new stuff so I am down to just Twitter and Instagram. I will probably dump Twitter next (and shortly!) because the information there is mostly nonsense and/or toxic. I honestly prefer to read a good book or manual then waste precious seconds reading about some inane silliness.

posted on July 4, 2021


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I’m listening to exclusively 1980’s music, and I realized that’s all I’ve been listening to for the past few years. I would have severe difficulty answering to name any artist or song post year 2000 that was any good. But here’s the thing; I feel that that music post 2000, it utter trash! Its crap unoriginal stuff (which is no doubt the exact argument made by Boomer generation people when they are listening to the Beatles or Bill Hailey and the Comets or whatever), I genuinely believe that the 80’s and 90’s was the musical apex of humanity and it went downhill from there. I dare music today to match the sexiness of Robert Palmer Addicted to Love, or the joie de vivre of Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News,  the foot-tappability of Footloose or just, heck, the hundreds of other songs from that era that can lift oneself. Listen, there was recently a viral video of some mean looking dude riding the back of a skateboard hanging onto a pickup drinking cranberry juice miming to Fleetwood Mac. Not something modern…I doubt it would have worked with any modern tune, instead it was an oldie song.

posted on Nov 8, 2020
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