Books Read 2021


  • “Live to tell the tale” -K.Ammann.

A book simply about D&D and which strategies to employ with which classes. Its a surprisingly interesting and enjoyable read (if you’re into this sort of stuff!) and it really opened my eyes in terms of how to best play to get the utmost from a D&D party. For true nerds only. 8/10

  • “Mr Punch” -N.Gaiman.

I last read this in perhaps 2005 or so and I wasn’t impressed. Having a re-read now I can pick up more on the magical and the subtlety of the story, however, it’s still not great. It’s okay, and interesting, but it’s not something that resonates with me . 6/10


  • “The man without talent” -Y.Tsuge.

I’d never knew that there were Japanese comics that weren’t manga! The stories contained within are the everyday sort of life stories that people like Tomime and Ware capture. I find them far more rewarding than say the superhero type stories, being grounded in reality and semi-autobiographical it makes for fantastic reading and general reflection. I really enjoyed this one and I intend on reading more of this stuff. 8/10

  • “Trash Market” -T.Tsuge.

Apparently this author is the brother of the man who wrote “Man Without Talent”. Its similar in style and prose, but sadly, just doesn’t have the same depth. Quite surreal and forgettable stories really. 2/10

  • “The Push Man” -Y.Tatsumi.

Very short little snippets that go for a punch ending, and while I am sure that back in 1960s these stories were ground breaking, 60 years on they come across a tad pastiche. It’s not bad, and some of the stories reworked would be highly effective however as it currently stands I don’t think I’d be revisiting them again . 4/10

  • “The Pits of hell” -E.YoshikazuTatsumi.

Very amateurish! It was apparently ground breaking in the 1970s (no doubt due to the ultra violence depicted within) but it both looks and reads like something a teen in a his bedroom would produce. Pretty poor stuff . 1/10

  • “The Book of Unexplained mysteries” -W.Pearson.

A nice little entry level book regarding various interesting stories and events from the past, it’s not spookily or seriously written, more in a post-modern internet savvy style. Lacks depth, but I guess that was the whole point, it’s just a little quick in and out dip. Easy reading and maybe a good launching point into other more deeper works.  6/10

  • “Tales from the Black Meadow” -C.Lambert.

A short book of poems and stories about folk horror. Sadly, its clearly written by an amateur and not very good.   2/10

  • “Powers: The Best Ever” -B.Bendis.

Squeeze the story until it’s dry! Bendis returns with a Powers story like 10 years after the last one. I’ts the final final one because, spoiler, he kills of the main dude. I guess he got bored of it all in the end and just wanted the whole thing wrapped. It shows in this story however, its rushed with a hint of I-dont-care-anymore about it. A sad end to a great series! I wish this one wasn’t created but I can see the merit in finally killing your darlings off . 1/10

  • “Mysteries of the unknown” -various.

The biggest mystery here is why I purchased this tripe! This book is akin to a 1990s geocities website with a paragraph on each subject areas that is very very poorly research. Utter rubbish  1/10

  • “Cursed Objects” -JW Ocker.

Another book lacking depth! It seems as if its written either by someone who has an attention deficit or its pitched at readers who have an attention deficit! Pretty much x2 page write ups on topics that should really have a chapter. Dilettante reading at its best.   2/10