Books read 2022


  • “Battlemage” – S. Aryan.

Last year when I read a book by this author where I was suitably impressed that I thought I would try his back catalogue. So I had high hopes, unfortunately, clearly the author was still learning his craft when he wrote this work and its not up to the same standard as his “The Coward” Its a pretty formulaic and predictable grim dark fantasy. Easily forgettable and there wasn’t enough here to make me want to continue with this series. 3/10

  • “Legion of the Damned” – S. Hassel.

The alleged life history of Mr.Hassel during WW2, now heavily outed as a bullshitter of the highest order but nevertheless something I have been wanting to read for some time. Written in the 1st person perspective it chronicles his life in the German army during the eastern front but clearly its all invented as his job is a tanker is very air brushed plus lies at considerable length of how he was able to break out of a Soviet labour camp not once but twice as a captured German soldier. Pure invention. Maybe was hard hitting back in the 1950s but nowadays its something that be avoided. 1/10.