New management at Spurs

Well, Nuno got sacked. If we look at the past 5 or 6 matches we could see there were some deep set incompatibility issues that were not fixable without something giving. The coach never really got to grips with the squad, the squad looked like they were playing trying to get him sacked, so we are where we are. I mentioned in my last post that Spurs would benefit from a 3-5-2 formation, Nuno never got around to playing this but I suspect his successor will opt for that.
There is some serious deadwood in that squad however that needs to be removed. Bergwijn is done, as is Doherty and Jack Clarke. Sessesgon is so injury prone he should be moved on also. Bryan Gil needs to go out on loan somewhere. Deli Alli and Lo Celso should be given until the summer then assessed, but my gut feeling is they are both done also and everyone would benefit from sale.
Conte is man touted as the new coach, and that would be a stark change indeed. Spurs under Nuno were the most sessile they’ve been in literal years. Conte makes his teams run, and run hard, run all day! This will mean more injuries and a lot of chop and changes required to accommodate that, the squad as it stands doesn’t seem that deep and would benefit from at least x3 new recruits also a great opportunity for some of the youngster academy players to step up and force their way into the A team.

posted on Nov 1, 2021


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3-5-2 Spurs

The more I look at this squad and their strengths and weaknesses, and this includes the manager, the more I think it would benefit from switching to a 3-5-2 formation, the personnel are in place and I feel would play in areas of the pitch that they are more comfortable in. Nuno is well versed in this formation and I feel its just a matter of when not if when he decides to try it out for real.

posted on Oct 11, 2021


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Dieting stuff

I am as of today down to 83.4kg. Good going but a little bit behind my initial plan. 10kg left to go. At this rate I am expecting to hit it around mid January 2022. Need to start exercising on a regular basis also but my mojo is pretty flat probably due to reduced calories.

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Crystal Palace 3 – 0 Spurs

Well, that was rubbish! I said NES was overly cautious and he certainly proved it here. It was a terrible experience watching that match. The tactics are all wrong and only x4 games into it! The cautious wins recently (each match by a single goal) masked the issues that were bubbling underneath and this was always going to happen. I am hoping its a wake-up call and NES realises what needs to be done and he mustnt repeat obvious errors. For me, we have a good squad, not a world smashing squad, but a squad good enough to see us finish 5th. Man.City, Chelsea, Man.Utd, Liverpool, these are the teams for top#4. Defo not Spurs this season, but Spurs should be building a platform for the future. Playing turgid counter attack football with no press, a narrow midfield and very few goal scoring opportunities isn’t the way to treat this squad. I’ve listed who I think should play in a 4-3-3 formation, and their backup if the senior player is injured. I hated putting Winks in there, but we already have a player in Pape Sarr currently on loan who will take over next season. Winks should move on, the writing is already on the wall for him. Sanchez I feel is also someone to move on next season. Still need a replacement for Kane but I think if Spurs can last another 2 seasons we can probably use one of the academy products. Hojberg and Skipp should not be playing together on the park unless we feel we’re facing one of the top 4 and opt to defend and play for a draw.



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Nuno’s Spurs

Two games into the season and we’ve seen how it looks like Nuno will be setting out his Spurs stall. It’s not exactly free flowing football, but we saw free flowing football at Wolves recently and they’ve lost their two opening fixtures so perhaps pure attacking football meeting pragmatism is a battle that pragmatism wins. Its not exactly a defensive setup but its definitely a more cagey formation and strategy. The emphasis seems to be more in not getting scored against and keeping things tight then a quick counter. Nuno seems to be opting for a 4-3-3 with the wide defenders moving up to overlap and overload. Regulion is the ideal player for this sort of play however Tantanga on the right although looking very solid defensively doesn’t seem a natural attacker and crosser of the ball in the way for example we used to see from Trippier a few years back. For me, the right back position still needs an upgrade with a more attacking minded player and then depending on the opposition to switch play between this hypothetical player and Tantanga. The midfield looks quite narrow. Hojberg as a DM, Skipp as a box-2-box dynamo and Deli Alli (who looks rejuvenated) on the left, timing late runs to bamboozle the opposition. Moura is still Moura, still erratic somewhat and inconsistent but not necessarily bad. Bergwijn I find frustrating still. There are rumours of Traore from Wolves coming in which will be a very slight upgrade but both these players, for me, suffer from some very strange decision making where their pace on the ball is faster then their brain processing the field around them. Son looked injured in the last match and way off his best, and being replaced by a want-a-away Harry Kane didn’t improve matters. I think Kane should be sold. No player can be at their best (or indeed any working person!) stuck in a place of work that they don’t want to be in. It leads to dissatisfaction all around. Kane has x2 options here that need to be resolved in the next 7 days before the transfer window closes:

1) Move to Man.City.

2) Stay at Spurs and extend contract.

If he can’t engineer a move away now I suspect he won’t get another opportunity next summer and he just needs to accept that reality and knuckle down. He will be forgiven and the entire affair forgotten the way it was with Rooney when he attempted to move away from Utd a decade or so ago.

posted on Aug 23, 2021


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