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Looking like Spurs will make the 4th spot this Sunday, which when I think about it, was looking pretty impossible 6 months back. A massive achievement this. I was sure we’d be 5th or 6th. We don’t really deserve it, but neither did Arsenal, who will likely finish 5th.
Our squad needs a huge rebuild however. We’ve got a lot of players who just don’t fit into this Conte setup and it’s probably time for them to move on. These are the guys I feel should be moved on for their own mental safely and also mine:

Regulion £23m
Clarke £3m
Winks £12m
Royal £15m
Rodon £6m
Bergwijn £15m
Lo Celso £20m
Ndombele £22
Carter-Wickers £3m

These are values I feel are conservative and realistic whereby other clubs would actually be willing to cough up the fees. In total : let’s say approx £115m worth of players. So 9 players that should go, which even in a worse case fire sale should release around £115m worth of funds. Here is what we desperately need to backfill. So 9 out. 6 in. The rest we make do with youth team feeding in:

creative CM.
GK (use youth or buy out of contract, Sam Johnson?)

It’s doable. Especially if the CM is Eriksen. It was so natural that we picked him up earlier in the year and I don’t really understand why we didn’t take that punt. Eriksen can be picked up for near nothing. The others, well, they will cost, especially the CF. Let’s say £30m for the wing backs. £25m for a LCB. That’s already £85m. Then we need to find a CF and that won’t be cheaper than £50m. So around £135 all in. But if we can sell for £115m and spend £135m, okay, we’re 20mil in the red, but that’s sustainable if we can maintain a top 4 position which I feel we can with a squad overhaul. In summary, the future is bright IF we can sell, and IF we can buy correctly, for too many years now we have spaffed away big money on deadwood and need to be sensible and bring in the right players.

posted on May 18, 2022


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