Time to diet!

Thanks to the vagaries of the pandemic, I have found myself, like a lot of people, having packed on the weight during all this home working and extra snacking malarkey. Having alarmed myself during a weigh in and seeing that I had hit a slovenly 90kg I decided to go on a diet quick sharp. I’m switching pretty much to a mostly Huel based diet alongside doing regular exercise.

On the 1st August I was 90kg. Today on the 10th, I am now 86kg.  Typically at the start of any diet there is a quick drop in weight before it gets much harder to shift. Anyway, I am fairly confident that I can shift 4 kg a month and my ideal weight being approx. 74kg. So that’s 12kg requiring shifting. 12/4 = 3. So in theory (and there should be untold disclaimers and caveats here!) I should reach a healthier bodyweight in mid November.

posted on Aug 10, 2021


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Posted August 10, 2021 by sal in category "Diet