Top #10 Video Arcade Games

1) A.S.O

I used to play this circa 1984/85. I think it was in the minicab office in Kingsland Road. It’s a really difficult game as you have to assemble upgrades for your next space ship, certain ships are better than others for the end of level bosses.



2) Silent Scope

I used to travel into London from my tiny studio flat in Weybridge into London every Saturday circa 1998 or ’99 and there was an arcade hall near Leicester Square back then. It was my weekly ‘thing’ to do that each weekend given I was single at the same and pretty broke. Spending a few quid playing games and walking around London and buying a burger was an entire full day affair on sub £10. Approx £3 of that total of £10 would get pumped into the Silent Scope machine, I got so good at it that I could make a single credit last for a long time. I learnt a lot about London during this era as I would just walk random streets and neighbourhoods until my legs got tired. Discovered lots of interesting places this way. The game itself was a shooter with a replica sniper rifle mounted on the cabinet and I thought it good fun.



3) Crossbow

Similar to the above but a crossbow was mounted onto the cabinet front. I recall playing this a lot with my brother who was pretty good at it. Very tough due to imprecise controller but a great looking game at the time.


4) Ms Pacman

I never liked Pac-Man but I loved Ms Pac-man. It’s a far superior game. I played this so so much as an adolescent! One of the greats.

5) Operation Wolf

Late 1980’s. I really enjoyed blasting my way through this game pretending I was Rambo. Enjoyable mindless violence!

6) Kung Fu Master

There was a chip shop in Shacklewell Lane right across my school which housed this beauty. I loved playing it with my best friend Stephen Hughes (who I sadly lost touch with in 1986 after he left school early) we would buy chips at lunch time (avoiding school dinners) and play this game.


7) ShaoLin’s Road

Back to Kingland Road and the minicab office again. Me and a whole bunch of other spotty teenagers would crowd around this one after school and play it. I would sometimes be faced with the choice, do I a) play 1 more game with my last coin b) get the bus home. Sometimes I ended up walking home.

8) Defender

A true classic. I played this at a guess around in 1982. It was different in that the joystick only went up and down, and then you had an array of other buttons, shoot/hyperspace/smart bomb/change direction which made it somewhat clumsy to play, nevertheless , this was the first twitch game ever released. You had to act before you could think, so a lot of the game is just basic instinct play that makes your heart beat fast.

9) Cyber Ball

Southbank University circa 1991 had this game in the Students chill out area. Played it a fair few times without really getting anywhere, but once I got MAME I got my head wrapped around the strategy side of it.


10) Gauntlet

In Tottenham Court Road back in 1989 or so there was an arcade hall that my brother would take me to. We used to play this game and it was novel because it was a co-op game that you worked together with to beat, rather than just try to beat up on each other, so it was a good bonding experience. Cracking game also.