Top#10 Christmas movies


1) Scrooged
I saw this at the cinema upon first release and at the time I thought it was rubbish. It was only as I got older and started to watch it on the endless re-runs that I started to notice its subtleties, for instance, Bill Murray is clearly ad-lib’ing in some scenes, he’s just winging it. Robert Mitchams cameo is excellent and it’s just an all round excellent feel good movie for the season. I love this film and never get bored of seeing it once in a while but definitely I think one more for adults to appreciate.

2) Jingle All The Way
Arnie really camps it up here. It seems a terrible bit of bad casting really, he’s an awful actor and gets away with it in movies requiring things being blown up but you’d expect nuance in such a movie, the role seems to be one more for Tom Hanks, however his lumbering overworked office-based stressed dad act wins you over towards the end. A good family movie for all ages.

3) Elf
First time I saw this I thought it was terrible, I think it was mostly due to having a negative bias for Will Ferrell but the more you watch it the more you are drawn in to his excellent comic timing and totally surreal concept for a movie. Laugh out loud funny in places, totally silly and worth the watch.

4) The Family Man
This is my favourite Nick Cage movie, it’s a powerful one and definitely aimed at the older crowd. I think a lot of people think “what if?” as they get older and this movie explores those thoughts.

5) Rare Exports
This movie is part horror really. It’s pretty creepy but I love the exploration of Santa being a really terrible Cthulhu type creature.

6) Its a Wonderful Life

One of the original tear jerkers! Not a kids movie thats for sure! Something for the adults to appreciate once they’ve been exposed to the harsh winds of life and buffeted around a bit.


7) Planes Trains and Automobiles

Technically, not a Christmas movie.. its set during Thanks Giving.. but meh, it’s near enough.

8) Home Alone 3

Better than the previous x2 films which had that odd looking lad in it. This one is better.



9) A Christmas Carol

For me, the best adaptation on the Dickens story. I enjoyed this very much and probably watched it every Christmas between 1979 and 1983


10) The Snowman

Christmas isnt Christmas without listening to ” I’m Walking in the Air…”.