Top#10 Films

1) London/Robinson in Space

This is not a movie, nor is a documentary. Its more a fake documentary following a trip between 2 men around the UK and noting some historical events and architecture. It has a dream like quality and it really makes you think about stuff. It might be described by some an arty intellectual film where nothing ever happens and yet its a film that i’ve probably watched around 6 or 7 times and discovered something new each time or the thoughts discussed on the film make me consider things around my own environment. Its just wonderful and I love it although I am aware it is not enjoyed by a great many people.

2) The Big Lebowski
The ultimate slacker cool movie. A weak detective story wrapped up around the life of some walking shambles. Its funny, its weird and its very very watchable.

3) Stalker
I like all of Tarkovsky’s works but this one really stands out. Its just perfectly put together and thought provoking film

4) Before Sunset
I love all the ‘Before’ movies but this is my utter favourite, just 2 people walking around a city, discussing stuff, talking, talking about real things. Its perfect and watching it always make me want to visit Paris.

5) Ed Wood jr
I am not a big Tim Burton or Depp fan, but I am a big Ed Wood fan, he led a very interesting life which sadly had a lot of failure in it but he seemed to struggle on regardless and remain chipper and continue to have new ideas. I have nothing but respect for people that can continue to forge on when life keeps battering you around. The movie does him and Bela Lugosi justice, its a heartbreaking and funny movie and it makes you realize just how far people go in the pursuit of their dreams.

6) Mulholland Drive

This movie will suck you in, mess with your brain, then have you worry and ponder about it for days and weeks later. An amazing piece of art.

7) Jake Speed

Okay, this is a super cheesy movie, its pure 80s! I have no idea but as a teen I fell in love with it, wanted to actually become Jake Speed (even though I was a fat kid!) and it just left its mark. It makes me smile to watch it even after all these years.

8) Blow UpĀ 

Another movie that messes with your head. Theres lots of deep stuff going on here that will force you to think about the nature of reality, society, people, yourself and other topics. A great 1960s movie. Iconic.

9) Withnail and I

A bitter sweet drama. People call it a comedy, and yes, while it has its funny and absurd spots, its also a very sad story especially at the end. A loving farewell note to a brief era in British history.

10) Shawshank RedemptionĀ 

This is probably the greatest prison movie ever made. Bird Man of Alcatraz is a goodie, but this is superior to all others. A movie to just watch on your own and let it wash over you during a dark night.