Top#10 TV Shows

1) The Expanse

Simply the best space based TV show that has ever occured. It knocks Star Trek, BattleStar Galatica, Babylon5, Farscape, all of them totally out of the park. And such wonderful characters, each one, even the villians, captivate you when they appear on the screen. I will be gutted when this ends (series 6 I believe is the final one that will get produced).


2) Stargate SG1
First time I saw this on the telly I noticed its cheap FX, its low budget and its bad acting and as a fan of the original movie, I thought it was guff. Around a decade later I totally got it into and it won me over to such an extent that while I was meant to be revising for an exam I was watching the entirety of season 3 and 4. (I passed still but coulda passed better!). There is a real B-movie type charm to it all. You sort of know what to expect each episode but watch it anyway. I hope to revisit it all over again one day.

3) Chernobyl

This is an utterly amazing show and draws you in and holds you. I remember distinctly back when this disaster happened and being in a history lesson while my teacher went into the details. It was captivating then (in a scary way) and this show captures all of that. Brilliant stuff.



4) The Walking Dead

The best zombie show ever. I was a fan of the comics before the show and I am glad the show writers deviated a bit, it made it all far more thrilling. You get the occasional dip in episodes especially as the show creators attempt to eke filling out the ensemble cast but still consistently excellent and watchable and can really wring your gut out with emotion. The sort of show that you will always remember snippets of in your mind long after it has ceased to be.

5) Columbo

Probably the best TV detective of all time. And such a wonderful set of cameos by known actors. They are all just so watchable. Apparently the entire boxed set is 73 hours of TV.. if only I had to time to sit down with a box of biscuits and watch them all. That would be my idea of a perfect holiday.


6) The X-Files

Okay, very hit or miss episodes but overall, there is a lot to like here and happily spend hours of your life away indulging in it. It definitely moved with the times and makes some interesting social commentary. A great show. Probably responsible for the rise of more and more people in the western world believing in conspiracy theories.


7) Twin Peaks

Wow, what a show! Such a mould breaker. This was released at a time when soap operas like Dynasty and Dallas were still on. Then this came along and it blew the industry apart and we started to get shows of a far darker calibre. The story of exactly killed Laura Palmer became irrelevant and it became an exploration of a mythical darkness.


8) Lodge 49

The newest one of the bunch. Described as a ‘modern fable’ this is a bitter sweet drama that has elements that just about every adult can relate to. The loss of something, money woes, love, jobs, lies. Its all here. Such a well written, well acted and watchable show. The key is not to binge it, and just let it wash over you… no fast forwarding! Appreciate every nuance, every pause and you’ll fall in love with it.


9) The Prisoner

This show is sooo old yet hasn’t aged at all! It’s message is still SO powerful. Its a wonder it ever got made. I recall reading that when the last episode was beamed up, the ITV switchboard was jammed with complaints because people were so used to James Bond type baddies getting their comeuppance at the end, that when (no spoilers!) the final ‘reveal’ was made, people just couldn’t understand it, their brains couldnt accept what just happened. Brilliant show.

10)  Ted Lasso

A wonderful and insightful grown up comedy drama. Liking football makes this even more watchable. Its inspiring in its own way and a move away from the usual snarky style comedy shows addressing real life issues. I loved both seasons and looking forward to more.