Top #10 C-64 Games

1) Impossible Mission

This was one of the few games in the 1980’s that I actually completed. It was a tough one! Completing this game gave me a great sense of achievement not to mention the final scenes digitised sound effects of the main baddie (Alvin Atombender was his name if memory recalls) shouting in defeat. It’s a slick game and a clever one combining platform twitch skills and some mental puzzle type stuff. I loved playing this one. I could (and did!) played it for hours. I will forever be left with the warm glow of loading up the game and hearing “Another visitor? Stay awhile… stay FOREVER”. Brilliant!

2) Who Dares Wins 2

This one was a clear Commando rip off. But whereas Commando went for twitch hi-octane type gaming, this was a slower pace and you had to use your noggin more. Another one I completed. Pretty basic gameplay and graphics but it had a certain charm about it.

3) The Sentinel

This was probably the first game that I played which was unlike anything that I had encountered before. Mostly games are based on shooting sprites, or jumping around avoiding sprites, or a mixture of a dice and or chess type game. This was the first game that blew me away in terms of gameplay. Its played across a 3D landscape where you absorb materials to create new ones while avoiding the gaze of the nasty sentinel whose gaze destroys you incrementally. The fear I felt when you heard the sound of the sentinels gaze on you, a sort of buzzing, would make your heart skip. It was proper scary. Fantastically original idea and great game to play.

4) Dropzone

A straight forward Defender clone but unlike other clones this one managed to capture the hectic twitch gameplay of the original except with now, better controls (i never liked the up/down joystick and multiple buttons on the arcade Williams Defender). Amazingly playable and kept you coming back for more to beat your last score.

5) Thrust

This was a great gravity skill game made more great by Rob Hubbards amazing sound track belting out the SID sound chip on the C64. A real tough game in the later levels requiring pixel perfect action controls. It was just the right mix of frustration and addiction.

6) Leaderboard Golf

It took me a bit of time to truly appreciate this. Knowing zero about golf with the obstacle, but my brother taught me the basics and we ended up going PvP across 18 hole courses and I was sold! I think I even actually started to watch golf matches when televised but then I soon realized that golf is a game better played then watched (arent they all?) and I pretty much stopped watching all sports on TV apart from the occasional football match. The game itself is simple but addictive. Getting a putt in from 20 yards was a real thrill. It did everything just right and just well enough to ensure that this was a beautiful game to indulge in.


7) Mindshadow

An excellent text adventure game where you awaken on an island with no memory. Really cool game!


8) They Stole A Million

This was basically a thief sim, which was SO ahead of its time! You had to pick your crew, plan the robbery, get stuck in manually as something always forever seemed to go wrong even with the best laid plans and then use your stolen booty to plan for the next big event. There was more than one way to commit a crime, but ultimately you had to work out how you could make maximum $$$. A really great idea and ripe for a remake.


9) Hypaball

This was a sports type game set in the future where you controlled 3 players in zero gravity trying to chuck a ball into a moving goal. Easy stuff but it was very addictive and I fell in love with this game. I took great joy in aiming and chucking the ball just right so it would plonk into the goal from a distance. It was an excellently well put together game and very well coded.

10) Hawkeye

A great little platformer shooter type game.